Who are we?

1989-2022, an already long story

The Grand Bleu Vacances Group started in the management of tourist residences in 1989. It chose to set up in Saint-Cyprien, in the Pyrénées-Orientales, one of the most beautiful resorts of the Mediterranean coast.
We are among the very first professionals in this sector of activity.

The first three residences, opened in 1990, are still runned today by the group, which has been able to retain investors.

Since 1994, geographical development has been conducted at a steady pace, with the group favoring the quality and safety of its products.

In 2018 Grand Bleu Vacances joined the Lagrange Group in order to offer even more services and a wider range of destinations

Our current offer is diversified between sea, mountain and countryside.
Only promising destinations have our favors.

The taste of service

Since 2012, most of our residences have the « Responsible Tourism » label. This label excludes neither comfort nor well-being, on the contrary!

In these residences, the accommodations have just been nicely renovated. A whole range of services is at your disposal: reception, practical and tourist information, Television and Internet access, technical interventions, laundry, cleaning, etc...

The choice of opening

Our Travel Agency Grand Bleu Voyages, located at the headquarters in Saint-Cyprien, also markets many partner residences which, from then on, benefit from our brand image.
The team is united and regularly reinforced, which promotes both emulation and creativity within the Group.

Grand Bleu Vacances is a representative of the Syndicat National des Résidences de Tourisme (litteraly: national trade union of tourist residences) for the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

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